Friday, March 29, 2013


I tend to make paintings in batches. This is a picture of ten paintings in various stages. I like to work this way for a few reasons. When I get to a stopping point with one painting I have others on hand. I can continuously paint without getting mired in one detail. Painting is a learning process for me. I figure the compositions and colors out as I go. There is a sense of immediacy as I apply layers of shape, line and color. I'll put a number of hours per day into this set of paintings so as time goes on, the layers of paint build on top of each other. From beginning to end the paintings can change quite a bit. The first layer is really about just putting something there. For each following layer the painting takes shape, sort of sculpturally. I've mentioned intuition, inner seeing, the ocean and mandalas as concepts for my work in my last blog post. Seeing in the dark is another idea I've had in mind for this series.