Thursday, August 21, 2014

Art Opening / Friday August 22

I have 20 new drawings in a group art show! 
The opening is Friday, August 22 from 5pm-9pm at 580 Hayes Street in San Francisco. 
The show is produced by the Hayes Valley Art Coalition and it runs until September 28th. 

This group of 20 new drawings represents my drawing practice. I had been busy with my graphic design work and then prior to that, my wedding preparation had taken over all of my free time. So I'm happy to say that my drawing is back in action and I already have a much larger project in mind for these works.

If you live in the Bay Area, please stop by the show to say hello on Friday or another time if you happen to be in the Hayes Valley neighborhood.

Here's a small statement I've included with these works:

Drawing is a practice I continue to develop. It’s a learning process that helps me understand line, color, shape, texture, and composition. Each new drawing is an invention with its own problems to be solved, sometimes with success and other times not so much. As each new drawing develops, it informs the next drawing or newly discovered elements may be incorporated into future compositions. This on going learning process is limitless and always expanding. The more I draw, the more I notice the world around me with it’s multitudes of shapes, colors, and textures that exist in endless combinations.
The materials I use are black drawing paper, colored pencil, and white ink. I like these materials because I get a lot of contrast between the black paper and the lighter pencils and ink. Conceptually, I think about darkness or night time and what is hidden in the depths of our thoughts, the natural environment, and in our physical bodies. 
I also think about the passage of time with the creation of my drawings. Since our lives are limited here on earth, my drawings are a record of my hours that may or may not stand the test of time. To learn more about my work, go to

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Process Part 4

I'm almost done with this series of paintings. I previously mentioned finishing this series in a week or two... but now it's been months. There was even a point of wanting to abandon the project, but I continued to work when time allowed and I'm happy to see what has emerged.

What's new: I added multiple layered shapes with colored pencil that follow along the shapes of the previously painted blue ink lines. Similar to a lot of my work, the layering of the colored pencil is reminiscent of mineral deposits, geodes, and other earth forms. I'm looking forward to the finished work -- almost there.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Process Part 3

There comes a point where I think I have gone too far and I should probably just start over completely. This tends to happen more often then not. What started as something more simple and beautiful, becomes messy and complex in places. The more I stick with the process and work out the hard parts, the painting starts to get better and the layers start to gel. After working through some bad patches and places that took a wrong turn a new idea, shape, line, color, or aspect starts to take the painting in a new direction. The challenges make it more interesting after all. This is the final word on process for this series. Up next, in a week or two, the finished series.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Process Part 2

Going forward and building layers I discover what's working. I like some of the shapes emerging from the negative spaces as well as the multicolor circular bands. I've also decided to keep five of the ten paintings purely in shades of blue so I may end up with five diptychs instead of ten separate paintings or the paintings will alternate between just blues and the more colorful ones when finally hanging in a space. I'm still working out the unity or composition within each painting as well as levels of loose versus sharp line quality. In the past I've worked with fine line drawings and somewhat tighter or tidier shapes so I'm branching out to explore expressive painting with these new works.

Friday, March 29, 2013


I tend to make paintings in batches. This is a picture of ten paintings in various stages. I like to work this way for a few reasons. When I get to a stopping point with one painting I have others on hand. I can continuously paint without getting mired in one detail. Painting is a learning process for me. I figure the compositions and colors out as I go. There is a sense of immediacy as I apply layers of shape, line and color. I'll put a number of hours per day into this set of paintings so as time goes on, the layers of paint build on top of each other. From beginning to end the paintings can change quite a bit. The first layer is really about just putting something there. For each following layer the painting takes shape, sort of sculpturally. I've mentioned intuition, inner seeing, the ocean and mandalas as concepts for my work in my last blog post. Seeing in the dark is another idea I've had in mind for this series.